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Creatio low-code platform implementation services for digital transformation and process automation


About Us

We help medium-sized companies make a breakthrough in business process automation. Our consultants, business analysts, and developers know how to work with leads, opportunities, marketing campaigns, and service cases.
Aimaras is a certified Creatio implementation partner. We provide a full-circle process, from requirements gathering and system configuration to code development and post-project support.
We work from Vilnius, Lithuania. Our clients are well-known companies and Creatio integrators from all over the world.

McKinsey reports that 

only 30%

of digital transformation projects result in improved corporate performance

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Creatio Implementation Services

Creatio is a SaaS low-code solution for process management and CRM. The Creatio solution stack consists of Studio Creatio (low-code platform), Sales Creatio (sales force automation software), Marketing Creatio (marketing automation tool), and Service Creatio (help desk software). 

Aimaras will help you get the most out of Creatio's great potential.

Creatio Configuration & Customization

No-code development

Code development


Business Process Transformation

Processes audit & modeling

Process automation

Process documentation

Conversational Messaging

Omnichannel chats

Rule-based chatbots

Outbound chats

Our Focus

We can automate any industry. But there are several we love the most.

Neo Banking

Lead Management. Onboarding. Compliance. Processing.


Omnichannel Contact Center. Incidents. Loyalty.


 Inquiries. Shipment Requests. Documents. Payments.

HR Automation

Applicant Tracking and Screening. Training. 

Our clients


Why Choose Us

Still have some hesitations whether cooperation with us is worth the trouble? Check the reasons why you should choose us among other companies!


We have been working with Creatio since 2005.


Our specialists are certified by Creatio.

Agile Approach

Weekly sprints. Monthly deliveries.


We use Jira, Confluence, TestRail, and Tmetric.

Are you planning to make a step-change in your business automation?

We know things that you aren't even aware that you don't know them.

How Do We Work?



We understand that every business is unique, and so are its needs. 



All your pains become features. Features become tasks.



Weekly sprints. Monthly releases.



The first test runs on the Dev site. Then we repeat it in the Pre-prod environment. 



We provide test cases. Your team runs tests once again.



You will tell us when. We will do the rest. 



Works 24/7. Interacts with you via the customer portal.


  • What is low-code?

    Low-code is a software development approach that requires little to no coding in order to build applications and processes. Creatio platform uses visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features instead of extensive coding languages.

  • How much do Aimaras professional services cost?

    On average, the Creatio implementation project's cost starts from 5,000 EUR per month.Our rate is 60 EUR per hour, and the minimum order is 3,000 EUR.

  • How much do Creatio user licenses cost?

    ● Sales Creatio Enterprise - 51 EUR per user/month● Marketing Creatio Cloud - 51 EUR per user/month● Service Creatio Customer Center - 38 EUR per user/month● Creatio Studio Enterprise - 21 EUR per user/month

  • Cloud or On-site?

    ● You will be able to choose a suitable deployment option depending on your business needs and internal policies. ● CLOUD: The Creatio application is hosted on the world’s leading cloud infrastructure platforms — Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Creatio ensures redundancy and backups for all infrastructure components for additional security. ● ON-SITE: When deploying Creatio on your own servers, you receive full control and flexibility of the application. On-site deployment ensures direct access to the database, setting up complex integrations, using own certificates and security settings, configuring personal permissions, individual reserve and update settings, etc.

  • GDPR

    Creatio is GDPR compliant. Creatio provides its customers with control over their content with simple but effective tools. These tools provide Creatio customers with the ability to control their users' access to Creatio, as well as control where their content will be stored (on Creatio cloud service across the EU territory). Creatio has implemented HTTPS traffic encryption and solution database encryption to ensure its security during transmission and storage.

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