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    Ambitious professional who wants to use best-in-class information technologies to achieve goals and grow fast


For Sales and Marketing

    Lead generation
    Lead automation 
    Opportunity management
    Orders and invoices
    Forecasting and analytics
    Partner management

For Support and Helpdesk

    Omnichannel contact center
    Service case management
    Case queue management
    Configuration items
    Self-service portal

For Legal and HR

    Contract management
    Document flow management
    Compliance management
    Risk management
    Recruiting and training

Creatio No-code Platform

Studio Creatio Enterprise

No-code platform to automate workflows and build customized business applications

No-code Designer

Workflow Automation

Enterprise Scalability

300 EUR/user/year

Sales Creatio, team edition

A perfect fit for small and medium businesses with direct sales teams

Customer 360° Profile

Lead Management

Sales Pipeline Process

360 EUR/user/year

Sales Creatio, commerce edition

Complete set of tools for short sale cycle and e-commerce companies

Lead-to-Order process

Orders & Invoices

Product Catalogue

420 EUR/user/year

Sales Creatio, enterprise edition

Top tool to manage all sales channels: direct and partner sales, e-commerce, field sales

Leads & Opportunities

Contract Management

Forecasting & Analytics

720 EUR/user/year

Marketing Creatio Platform

Software to orchestrate customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue

Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing

Website Behavior Tracking

720 EUR/user/year

Service Creatio, customer center

A perfect toolkit to automate helpdesk and omnichannel contact center operations

Case Management

Agent's desktop

Self-service Portal

540 EUR/user/year

Service Creatio, enterprise edition

A robust solution for medium and large businesses to manage a complete service cycle


Configuration Management

Case Queue Management

720 EUR/user/year

Customer Portal Creatio

Portal for interaction and providing services to customers and employees

Case Management

Knowledge Management

3 Custom Sections

70 EUR/portal user/year

Financial Services Creatio

Low-code platform for banks and financial institutions to streamline customer journeys

Bank Sales Edition

Lending Edition

Customer Journey Edition



Beesender add-on for Creatio

Chat Master Creatio Add-On

Omnichannel Contact Center Agent's WorkPlace

21 communication channels

Flexible chat distribution

Bot-Agent-Bot chat transfer

300 EUR/user/year

Bot Master Creatio Add-On

Communication Robots No-code Builder

Rule-based & NLP chatbots

Multilingual menu

Integration with CRM

1,800 EUR/chatbot/year

Outbound Creatio Add-On

Advanced Messaging Tool for Outbound Communications

Sends Text, Pics, Chatbots

Individual and Bulk Delivery

Built-in Survey Bots Builder

6,000 EUR/year


Confero add-on for Creatio

ComplyTrack Creatio Add-On

Ensuring compliance with the regulator’s requirements (KYC, AML, CTF, industry standards)

Incident Registration

Document Management

Questionnaire management

530 EUR/user/year

RiskMaster Creatio Add-On

Makes risk registration and management processes easy, transparent and manageable


Risk Processing

Complaints and Claims

330 EUR/user/year

DocFlow Creatio Add-On

Documents creation, registration, approving, executing, and archiving

Document Management

Document digitalization

Library Management

85 EUR/user/year

NormaDocs Creatio Add-On

Internal and external normative documents and business processes management

Creation and Approval

Release Notifications

Revision Reminders

3,300 EUR/year

1. Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT or Royalty Tax) regulated by law.

2. Any Creatio add-on product requires a valid Creatio license.

3. The minimum annual purchase volume per customer is 5,000 EUR. 

4. A minimum contract period for all products and editions is 3 years.


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