Web Design


3 months

Wed.-Fr., 6PM

$ 400

Who might be interested:

    You want to learn the profession of a designer, and Photoshop and Illustrator will become an indispensable springboard for your career growth.
    You are self-taught and you want to streamline and update the skills.
    You have a hobby (photography, blogging, etc.) that requires skills in graphic editors.



Abraham Wilow

Uber, Facebook, ImageX

6 years of experience


Jane Keller

Etsy, Killsoft, Pinterest

8 years of experience

Course Program

  • Introduction and features of Adobe Photoshop. Creating and saving files

    First steps in Adobe Photoshop. Introduction, tasks that this program can solve. Learning to create and save files in different formats.
  • Work with layers. Selection tools. 

    It would be completely reasonable to start learning Photoshop from the most basic - with the concept of layers and their interaction, since this was once the hallmark of Photoshop and is still an indispensable feature of the program. Without a full-fledged ability to use layers and their options, there is no point in moving further in mastering.
  • Animation. Creating simple objects and transforming them

    Frame by frame animation, Parallax effect. How to add, delete and edit key animation frames.
    What is the Tween button for (Create intermediate frames). How to optimize the animation to reduce the size of the GIF-file.
  • Work with text and mock-up

    Horizontal Type Tool, Vertical Type Tool. Text effects. Fonts. Creating mockups and changing elements. 
  • Adobe Illustrator workspace. Basic document operations

    Basic tools within the program. How to create basic elements in Adobe Illustrator. How to work with vector graphics.

Our Process

  • 1


    Attend lectures, make notes, ask questions. At the end of the course, these lectures will be available to you in video format.

  • 2


    After each lecture, you get homework. The tasks are interconnected, so that by the end, you perform one complex project.

  • 3


    Your mentor will guide you through the course and will help at every stage. He is mostly responsible for your successful learning.

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